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Violin string test in Flensburg

At Larsen Strings we always involve musicians in our string development process. Some weeks ago, we had the pleasure of testing strings together with three musicians from Flensburg during a 4 hours’ session. Trying strings with musicians is an important phase of Larsen Strings’ development process. Even though we have acquired a good understanding of how different materials affect different strings, to really get to know if we are on the right path, we need to work with musicians.

In a first step we tried strings with Kerrin Bohn, who has a beautiful bright sounding instrument. Kerrin played Larsen Original strings, and was happy to rely on the mellow sound these strings provide. By the end of the session, however, she had switched to the Tzigane strings. Besides bringing warmth of tone, the Tzigane strings added a new radiance to her instrument: a warm, carrying spectrum of overtones.

Afterwards, we tried strings with Anja Sommerer, who has helped us many times over the last few years. For some time, Anja played our Virtuoso strings, but this time we had new strings for her. And she liked them so much, she couldn’t stop playing.

To finish the session, we tried strings with Anna-Maria Kotani, who plays a French instrument. Anna-Maria’s final choice fell on the Virtuoso strings.

Why do we keep on developing new strings?

Because we believe that, through research, we can develop strings that will bring new possibilities to musicians. Whether we strive to improve the projection, the palette of colours or the durability of the strings, our goal is always to respond to the special needs of the musicians we meet, and we know that musicians in their creative quest are always searching for new sources of inspiration.

Thank you to all three violinists, Kerrin Bohn, Anja Sommerer and Anna-Maria Kotani, for giving us some of your precious time and especially for your valuable feedback.

We couldn’t do it without you!

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