Musik Messe Frankfurt 2015: It’s all about people

A long time ago, when I was still a viola student living in Hannover Germany, I used to dream of one day going to the music fair in Frankfurt. Some busy people told me, though, that it was only about business and not for musicians.

This year, I finally got the opportunity to visit the music fair, and strangely enough, I no longer work as a professional musician. I was visiting the fair with the Larsen Strings’ team. Was it a coincidence? The case called for an investigation.

My first impression of the exhibition

We started our fair activities with a round in the section attributed to string instruments. Visiting the music fair is more or less like window-shopping. You go through small streets all covered with booths. In every second booth, people are playing (anything from Sibelius Violin concerto to some ukulele tune). The hall is full of chaotic sounds from individual playing (I was secretly happy that I did not have to spend much time in the hall exhibiting trumpets and percussions).

Would all these people playing be an indication that the music fair is for musicians?

Meeting people

The rest of my visit was occupied with meetings. To sell and increase awareness of our strings we need dedicated distributors with a solid network of music-shops, violin-makers and musicians. It’s all about reducing the distance between us and the Larsen players: Because we couldn’t do it without you, the musicians, the violin-makers, the music-shops…

Is the fair for musicians or for business?

After a couple of days at the fair and even though I met many musicians, I soon understood the real nature of the fair: It is not only about music, and it is not only about businesses. For us the Musik Messe is all about people: Building on new relationships and strengthening others; meeting partners and friends.

It’s all about people

Attending meetings almost non-stop for two days, I still look forward to the opportunity of actually exploring the fair, e.g. looking into instruments, music-sheets, cases and other accessories. Maybe next year – and hope to see everyone again!

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Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume


2014-09-08 12-47-432014-09-08 15-32-30-2

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume passed away on March 19th 1875, leaving many fantastic instruments. This particular violin ex-Alard, ex-Grumiaux bears the serial number 2012. According to the list in Roger Millant’s book “J. B. Vuillaume” (1972), the violin was built in 1855. The following citation is written in the violin’s certificate by Caressa and Français: “One of the most beautiful works made by the hands of J. B. Vuillaume” (Une des plus belles oeuvres sortie de la main de J. B. Vuillaume).


Vuillaume certificat

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Welcome to Larsen Strings’ blog

Larsen Virtuoso


Made with love and passion

Made with love and passion is not just another slogan. Larsen Strings thrives to produce strings that, to the widest extent possible, allow musicians to express nuances in the music, constantly reducing the distance between composer and audience. In fact, the founder and director of Larsen Strings, Laurits Th. Larsen himself, was playing the violin as a member of the South Danish Philharmonic before starting to produce strings. When, in 1999, he was asked why he attended all nine days of the Carl Nielsen International Violin Competition, Laurits Th. Larsen answered:

“I am deeply interested both in how all of these young talents play and which instruments they are playing. How they think, how they sound and how they cope with Danish music. If I was not deeply devoted to music, I would not be manufacturing strings. I still consider myself primarily a musician…”

The dedication of Larsen Strings to music is fundamental to its pursuits of developing, producing and globally market strings of the finest quality for bowed instruments.

And this is why we can truly affirm that every Larsen string is made with love and passion.

The purpose of this blog

We aim at establishing a community where string players and others with an interest in this field can share their thoughts. Discussing music, music making as well as general subjects of interest to string players, we hope to awake your interest in our community.

Being in the business of string making we have specific knowledge which we would like to share with you. It is therefore the intention of this blog to bring technical insight regarding strings and string instruments.

However, it takes people to form a community. Therefore, one of the focus of this blog are the people who play Larsen strings. Who are they, and why do they choose to play Larsen? Please join the discussion.

We couldn’t do it without you!

In order to fully understand the relationship between musician and listener we need you: Your comments, ideas, wishes, experience, maybe even your dreams… This blog is an invitation for you to take part in the journey towards the perfect match between musicians, instruments, strings, and listeners.

Please feel free to contribute as much as you like and become part of our community.



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